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    Diabetes Minus

    Avoid Diabetes-Induced Weight Gain with Health Asters 

    Take control of your life and weight from the clutches of Diabetes!

    Health Asters offers you an all-inclusive weight loss and management program with assistance from the best dieticians and nutritionists. 

    Diabetes or elevated blood sugar levels can have a disruptive effect on one’s well-being causing long-term damage across multiple internal body systems. It can interfere with your metabolism, causing you to gain weight, weaken your eye-sight, and even interfere with kidney functions. So, how does one stop that from happening?

    A healthy diet is what you need to regulate blood sugar levels. It’s your first line of defence against the disease. Neither medication nor clinical treatment can work effectively unless you eat well and follow a healthy routine. That is where we come in. Health Asters will not only plan your diet chart for weight loss but offer an alternative Homeopathic weight-loss program with all-around assistance from experts.

    Don’t let your weight define your well-being. Let Health Asters help you! 

    What you need to know about Diabetes

    Diabetes or diabetes mellitus is a metabolic disorder that increases the blood sugar/glucose levels in the body. The food you eat is processed, and the cells extract the glucose to create energy that fuels the different bodily functions.

    The pancreas produces insulin which helps the cells to absorb the glucose. However, when the body fails to produce enough insulin, the glucose remains in the blood instead of reaching the cells. Such elevated levels of glucose in the blood for an extended period ultimately lead to diabetes.

    There are four types of diabetes:
    • Type 1 diabetes
    • Type 2 diabetes
    • Prediabetes
    • Gestational diabetes (during pregnancy)


    In each case, the tendency to gain weight comes inherently due to diabetes being a metabolic disorder. Hence, the relevance of weight management through a proper diet plans alongside the usual clinical treatment. Additionally, we leverage a Homeopathic weight loss and treatment to counter the effects of diabetes and treat it fundamentally.

    Symptoms, Causes and Effects of Diabetes

    The common indicators of diabetes are:
    • Frequent urination
    • Increased thirst
    • Blurred vision
    • Fatigue
    • Numbness of the hand or feet
    • Increased appetite
    • Cuts and sores take time to heal
    • Abrupt weight gain or weight loss
    Diabetes can be the result of the following:
    • Genetics
    • A side-effect of a viral disease
    • Irregular food and lifestyle habits
    • Obesity
    • Insulin resistance
    • Hormonal imbalance (gestational diabetes)
    • Pancreatic damage
    • Cystic fibrosis
    • Thyroid disease
    • PCOD
    • The side-effect of long-term medication (certain medicines)
    The effects of diabetes mellitus include:
    • Cardiovascular disease
    • Kidney disease
    • Vision impairment
    • Skin ulcers
    • Fatigue
    • Obesity
    • Stroke
    • Nerve disorder, etc.


    As you can see, the tendency to gain weight can be a symptom, cause, as well as effect of diabetes. Thats why, the added stress on a balanced diet chart for weight loss.

    A Healthy Diet for Regulated Blood Sugar Levels

    While there are clinical treatment protocols and medication to control the blood glucose levels for long-term health benefits, one needs a more wholesome approach, like following the correct diet.

    A diabetes diet chart for weight loss restricts or minimizes the intake of certain food items. But what you need to restrict, or by how much, is where most get confused and end up following the wrong plan. At Health Asters, we have experts who have years of experience working with patients suffering from different types of diabetes.

    For instance, if you have gestational diabetes we will focus on a diet plan that keeps the blood sugar levels normal while ensuring that both mother and the baby get the necessary nutrients.

    Introducing Diet Buddy Program by Health Asters

    Health Asters’ Diet Buddy Program is what sets us apart from the rest. It is specially designed to offer tailor-made weight management support to clients suffering from different types of diabetes.

    We will offer you an initial consultation and follow-up by assigning an expert dietician who will be your case supervisor. These professionals offer support from morning till evening, answer any of your queries and offer insight concerning the meal plans.

    • The Diet Buddy Program is conducted via WhatsApp.
    • You will get a personalized diet chart for weight loss.
    • The supervisor will remind you of the meal timings.
    • There will be a regular follow-up and close monitoring.
    • You will be given weekly target on diet and weight loss.
    • We also incorporate detoxification regimen if your health condition allows the same.
    • Our experts will offer you with easy to make diet meal recipes.
    • Your Kcal intake per meal will be fixed, ensuring that there is no depletion of energy or starvation.
    • You will be asked to take pictures of the food that you are eating and send them via WhatsApp for the supervisor to assess.
    • We allow 2 cheat days per month.


    Health Asters offers an all-inclusive targeted weight management program to make weight loss more of a lifestyle and less like a struggle for the clients. Your search for a ‘dietician near me’ ends at us. With our expert guidance, you can expect fast and long-lasting results. Choose our weight management program to live beyond the life of a diabetic.