About Us

“Looking beyond the conventional weight management ideas, Health Asters helps you with holistic healing of body and mind”

About – Dr. Dipti Bhargava

Our Vision

Be the frontrunners in serving the people with essential healthcare and wellness services that strengthen a community and helps it thrives on long-term fitness and good health.

Our Mission

Extend our expertise in weight loss and detoxification backed by the healing power of the Ancient Science of Homeopathy, enabling clients to live a healthy and happy life free of ailments.


Our Objectives

Health Asters was established with the sole objective of helping people struggling with weight gain, obesity, and related ailments; people who have tried several diet plans, medicines, exhaustive exercises to zero results. We are guided by the age-old knowledge of homeopathy and its manifold benefits in the holistic treatment of obesity and its side effects. Since inception, we have strived to:

  • Offer our clients a holistic health and wellness plan.
  • Look and treat beyond the usual periphery of weight management.
  • Create customized weight management and diet plans for clients taking into consideration their state of health.
  • Strike a balance between physical and mental health using homeopathic treatments and wholesome diet plans.

Health Asters does not believe in short-term weight loss targets. We counsel our clients and help them achieve long-lasting fitness through a proper weight management program while using homeopathy to treat any underlying medical issues with the body.

Advantages of Homeopathic Weight Loss

Sadly enough, today’s health and wellness programs thrive more on trends than science and a medical approach. People spend thousands on foreign diet plans, strenuous exercise routines, crash dieting, and likewise. It might benefit one with rapid weight loss, but that hardly has a long-term effect because those never address the root cause of the problem.

More than often, people blindly go into a weight loss program without understanding its repercussions. It ends up harming them more than having a healing effect. That’s where Health Asters can be of help.

Headed by the enigmatic Dr. Dipti Bhargava, we aim to help our clients with a Homeopathic approach towards weight management and complete wellness. Unlike other programs, we treat the root of the ailment so that the effect lasts for life. We offer a plethora of health programs, which gives you the benefit of:

  • Induction into our specialized Diet Buddy Program.
  • Consultation with certified dietician and nutritionist.
  • Personalized diet, detoxification, and treatment plans.
  • Assistance by experienced health professionals all day long.
  • Regular monitoring of progress and follow-up through WhatsApp.

No more crash diet and exhausting yourself running on the treadmill! With Health Asters, your desire for a fit body and active life will transition from a dream to reality.