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Whenever I saw newspaper ads like “Motapa Ghatayein”, “Get rid of Obesity”, “Faster Slimming”, Inch loss, Weight loss blah blah blah…I was thinking Do they really work?

How realistic are these promises? What are the things or methods they are using to give results ( as 10 kg in 20 days or without side effects or lose 1 inch in one week etc.)

But after becoming a physician I came to know how real these commitments are!!

“Promises are made to be broken” at least these advertisements prove this phrase true.

There are no such WONDERS. One of my patients spent ₨ fifty thousand on vibration machines, fat burner capsules, belts, oils etc. etc. and as a result, she found herself disappointed, ugly marks on her body, excessive frustration and double of her weight back what she lost.

After using all such things people feel cheated, they lose money,time and most important their trust which leads to a deprivation in their self-confidence, they will never look great,they will never feel good about their body,they have to live with their obesity and its complications, Is there any right way to get rid of obesity? So many questions and confusions!!

This blog may help you to get answers and solutions. It will urge you to think differently about yourself, your body and your eating habits. One can lose weight just by falling sick or starvation (no food) but what is more important is that you feel great about yourself, treat yourself well and will remain healthy( even after weight-loss). Punishing yourself by crash dieting and other unnatural ways is never going to work.

With this blog, I am trying to make you feel more energetic, get better sleep and most importantly you will enjoy visible changes in your body and drop a couple of sizes as you will learn to lose weight naturally in a non-scary way and how to maintain it(most difficult part).

Weight loss rather than fat loss does not happen like Wonder……but for you, the answer is Yes!!

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