Weight-Lite is a research based; metabolic weight loss program which is quick, safe and effective.

Our advanced homeopathic and natural formulations with personalized diet schedule helps you to burn fat & keep energy level high.

It is a clinical solution for obesity and associated problems like Diabetes, High Blood pressure, thyroid disorders, hormonal disturbances, water retention etc.

Why People choosing us:

Weight Lite has a team of qualified medical professionals: dedicated to help patients lose weight safely, quickly and with ease, by their experience and customized services, crafted by using natural and homeopathic medicines and nutritional science.

At your Initial consultation our doctor will understand your weight loss goals, your complete history, medications you may be taking and review your profile and discuss it

Using this information our doctor will prescribe you a Weight Lite plan and personalize it for you according to your specific needs and preferences.

The first step towards being awesome is selecting the right program for you.

WeightLite- Mini

The Famous WeightLite program for your short term weightloss goals. Free in-program support and consultation.

Price 5695/-

WeightLite- Basic

Regular WeightLite program,
suitable for 6 to 8 kg weight loss.
Free in-program support and consultation.

Price 9999/-

WeightLite- Balance

WeightLite Maintaince program.
Maintain your healthy weight with detoxifying effect with WeightLite- Balance program.

Price 4500/-

Key Components of WeightLite Package

  • Proven Clinical weight loss therapy

    WeightLite is a proven clinical weight loss therapy; one can lose up to 8 kg in just 4 weeks with Zero exercise, Zero Side effects and Zero pain.

  • Medically Supervised

    WeightLite is medically supervised with our experienced doctors. So it’s a safe and clinical method to lose weight.

  • Improve your Health and Immunity

    At WeightLite we offer weight loss, inch loss and improved health and immunity.

  • Our Guidance, Support and Motivation

    We guide and support you throughout the program with our medical experts and it continues after you have reached your goals.

  • Maintenance is Important

    We promote lifestyle habits that help our patients maintain their goal weight.

Your Weight-Lite package Includes

WeightLite Homeopathic Drops

Personalized diet consultation

Diet Manual And Recipes

Helpful Tips and Support

We’ve helped thousands of people to lose weight,
and build long lasting results.*



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